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Press Release:

Charlie and Arienne announcement.

If you watch our videos online, you will see that we have been working with a variety of different lifestyles, relationship designs, and sexual orientations in our clinical careers as Sex and Relationship therapists.

We have been working with Young Swingers Week for over a year now and this is one of the most amazing groups we have been part of. We want to share this type of love, friendships, and couples only vacations YSW has created with the other lifestyle industries we work with at SexBecause.

The March YSW couple’s only group will not be changing. Every year it just gets better and better.

The new takeover events will start in July, October and November of 2020.

We will be repeating the success of Young Swingers Week in a variety of niche markets just as vital and active as this wonderful group of friends we created right here this week.

We have discovered a special dynamic of added value by having multiple niche markets that synergistically go together that make each event better than a standalone event. Why? Because you get to experience more options in life than just the group of people you see at every event you attend. They are couples only crossover events that work well together!

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